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The start

Any interior could use a touch of Mattz. That’s why world traveler Mattz regularly goes to Asia in search of antique furniture and reproductions that breathe the rich history of the Far East. The man behind Mattz is Matthieu Schakel. In 2015 he started the adventure as a manager. In the years that followed, he lost his heart to Asia, especially India. A country that should be on everyone’s bucket list if it is up to him. Intense, colorful, hospitable and with a special furniture industry.

Straatbeeld India

✔ Over a 1000M2 showroom
✔ Thousands of unique items, from small accessories to big doors and closets
✔ Every item is unique
✔ Cash & Carry
✔ Hand-selected during Mattz’s world travels
✔ Personal contact & fast service

& unique

Matthieu regularly visits suppliers in Asia and searches for new furniture makers. It’s wonderful to see how the furniture and accessories are made by hand. Each item is therefore unique and tells its own story. There are some very popular items that we have as standard in our collection such as our benches and stools. Each bench is different, but we do have a steady supply of our most popular items.


As of 1-1-2021 Mattz, together with Eleonora, By-Boo and Sevn, fall under one name: Dutch Interior. Dutch Interior is not a brand with its own collections, but represents the four brands that are part of it. The collections of these four brands can be admired in the Dutch Interior Experience Center in Barneveld. A place where the four brands come together and strengthen each other.
Again and again, it is our goal to amaze you, inspire you and delight you with our new collections full of new materials, new shapes, new colours and new designs. Designed especially for you!

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