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Every interior can use a touch of Mattz. On this page we will show you from time to time how to go for a subtle touch of Mattz or a daring all Mattz interior to steal the show.

View all inspiration, from unique color combinations to the most beautiful interior pictures with Mattz items. From small accessories to large cabinets. And from styling tips to cool collaborations.

Hey Plantsome!

Did you know that Mattz has a wide range of plants and pots? With over 50 types of plants and different kinds of vases, pots and wooden buckets,
there is the right plant for every room.

Aloe Vera, this trendy African plant is particularly well known for the many properties of its juice.

A red succulent is a real eye-catcher among all that green and makes the over all look interesting to look at.

These large vases turn any plant into a striking item. They are available in 2 shapes, each in 3 sizes.

With this large metal vase of 80×65 cm, you will draw attention without a doubt. Place a few cosy flowers in it and you will be ready for spring!

Faux Fur

The faux fur rugs of Mattz bring that extra cosiness into your home!

The rugs fit perfectly into the trend of a cuddly and warm interior, something we all need these days. The rugs may be made of faux fur, but that doesn’t make them any less soft. The rugs have a beautiful full and soft quality.

Use them to dress up dining chairs or an armchair, place several together in front of the fireplace, or use them on your garden furniture during summer.



We have some items that you can always use. And that fit into any interior. The wooden stools by Mattz are a good example.

Wooden coffee tables

Big metal vase

Olive trays

Wooden benches

Mix & Mattz

Every interior can use a touch of Mattz. Because our items are authentic,
have a warm look and feel and are so unique that they actually blend into every interior.


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